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Each pharmacy should already have a catalogue of registered ceiling prices of medicines and all citizens should have access to it. The maximum prices of medicines, set by the Ministry of Healthcare, will be published on the ministry's official website. The introduction of the mandatory price register is the consecutive measure for regulating the market of medicines, the health ministry specified. The ceiling prices of medicines by prescription under the ordinance approved by the Cabinet on September 16 will be calculated as the sum of the BG lev equivalent of the price announced by the producer and the respective surplus charges of the wholesaler and retailer plus VAT. The lowest price, stated by manufacturers in Romania, Russia, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Poland, Portugal, Spain, and Austria, will be accepted as a referent price. The surplus charge for medicines costing up to BGN7, will be up to 38 per cent. Dealers will be allowed to charge up to BGN30 more on these medicines. The surplus charge for medicines costing BGN7-30 will be 32% at the most, and 28% has been set as the ceiling of surplus charge on medicines costing over BGN30.Within the May 1- August 31 period the Commission on Medicines with the Ministry of Healthcare received applications for registration of prices for more than 650 pharmaceutical products. A hike of the selling price has been demanded for 180 of them, and for 60 of them companies wanted a price decrease. Changes in the approved ceiling price of a pharmaceutical product by prescription can be made once throughout a calendar year. An analysis of data show a downward tendency in the prices of original medicines, paid by the National Healthcare Insurance Fund. Prices of pharmaceutical products that could be purchased without a prescription will be registered according to a facilitated procedure. A limited number of documents will be required and the terms for extending a stance on the part of healthcare experts will be as short as possible. Their registered price could be changes unlimited number of times throughout the calendar year. No information from referent countries about the price of these products will be required for their price-formation.Experts from the Commission on the Positive Medicine List, who have been holding sessions for updating the list since last week, claim that a reduction of prices of the medicines applying to be included in the list can be noticed. No unified register of food supplements offered on the market exists in Bulgaria at present. Currently, only manufacturers and traders are responsible for what the produce and offer on the market. But illegally sold food supplies cannot be traced down and no effective control is possible. Manufacturers and importers of such products, sold mostly in pharmacies, do not register them due to the expensive and complicated procedures.

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