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Pork purchase prices have been moving upwards since mid-June, data of the System for Agricultural Market Information (SAMI) show. The increase, registered in the June 11-17 period, is 5% in Razgrad, Silistra and Targovishte, and 2% in Dobrich, Pazardjik and Rousse. It has not yet affected the wholesale price of trunk pork, but it will certainly do within a dozen of days. If that tendency persists the price hike will be felt on the retail market towards the end of this month, producers comment. The lower consumption of pork which is typical for this season resulted in a slight price decrease (by 4% in Sofia and 5% in Pernik). Frozen chickens, on the other hand, became 10% more expensive in Targovishte, 9% - in Montana, Razgrad and Silistra, and 5% - in Veliko Tarnovo and Lovech during the above-mentioned period. The price rise in Shoumen - by 20% - was record high. Traders explain it by the fact that Bulgarian poultry farms are not selling sufficient quantities to the domestic market due to larger exports. High fodder prices in winter resulted in a reduction of poultry breeding as well. Traditionally, the forecasts for the summer months are that pork and veal prices will stabilize, while chicken meat will go up by 5 - 8 per cent. This summer, however, could be an exception if purchase prices of pigs continue to go up. The same holds true about veal, which comes mainly from exports and therefore depends of the European markets' prices. Prices of frozen chickens will rise by at least 12% till September, and perhaps more if exports increase.

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