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Five MPs from the rightist opposition put forward in Parliament an annex to the report inspecting the activities referring to the storage, replenishing, and sale of grain by the State Reserve and Wartime Stocks Agency. The annex was presented on May 27. The group explained that parts of the report contain negligence and discrepancy and hide obvious facts. The five members' opinion will be added to the report prepared by the inquiry commission and will be considered in the plenary hall as a part of it, the parliamentary group of BZNS-People's Union told the BANKER weekly.The opposition members are convinced that the amount missing from the wheat reserve is not 50,000 tons, as stated by the report, but twice bigger. According to the MPs Vladislav Kostov, Rossitza Totkova, Ventzislav Varbanov, Monyo Hristov and Dimitar Stefanov, these doubts are based on the document that they had signed on reservation. The report claims that four grain bases - Straldzha, Bolyarovo, Stavertzi and Obnova, haven't been mentioned in the agency's reports and balance-sheets submitted to the interim inquiry commission and have therefore not been revised. The grain silos appear quite mysteriously in an inquiry of the reserve dated March 25, 2004 which refers to the replenishing of grain reserves carried out in March, April, and June 2002. It is stated in the inquiry that the 107,000 tons of wheat launched at the time as commodity loans were recovered in portions by 2004. The last 48,000 tons were returned by five companies - VTV EOOD, ViN AD, Mitam OOD, Elegance OOD, and DBS Engineering OOD, a year and a half later than the expiry of the legal term. The wheat was stored in silos in the villages of Straldzha, Stavertzi, Obnova, and Bolyarovo which are respectively owned by the Dobrich-based Beck International AD company, Condor Cie Mills located in Tcherven Bryag, Mell Industrial AD - Pleven, and VTV. In fact, the scheme developed two years ago was pointed out by MPs, the commission's Chairman Plamen Mollov included, among the major tricks for draining grain from the State Reserve. The scheme is also one of the most profitable, because the stocks were replenished just before harvest-time when there is wheat and flour deficit and the prices go up incessantly. The companies that participated in the tenders paid almost nothing to obtain the grain - they only provided a guarantee for 130% of the amount of the commodity credit they've received and have only paid the VAT amounting to BGN34/ton. As the BANKER weekly wrote in its issue No 13, dated April 3, 2004, this scheme was used by Tavros International OOD, Mitam OOD, and Petkov Schmalzl OOD, associated to Mircho Mityuv Petrov who is known as a confidant of Ahmed Dogan, as well as to Akoma EOOD and BG Snacks owned by Kirilka Angelova Angelova, secretary of the Tolerance union of municipalities run by members of the Movement for Rights and Freedoms. The mechanism also brought profit to Tzolo Petkov Yotov thanks to two companies, VTV EOOD and ViN AD. An unexpected inspection of MPs in the above-mentioned warehouses showed there were no more than 300 tons in them and that contracts for storage of grain in two of them had not been signed with the owners but with their tenants - Ivoni 03 OOD and Nitty - Yoanita Tzakova Sole Trader. MPs from the inquiry commission claim that this is the second scheme that helped for draining grain from the State Reserve. In case of missing amounts revealed, it would make it difficult for the agency staff to find out who the real violator is - the owner or the tenant. And the violator should be sanctioned with a fine, property distraint or revocation of its public storehouse licence. Unfortunately for the rightist opposition, neither the schemes, nor the names of the companies were included in the final report, submitted by the commission. That's why their objection that is to be read in plenary hall next week goes along with a few schemes which the BANKER weekly is publishing.

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