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The non-observation of set terms for the construction of Danube Bridge 2 between Vidin and Kalafat have obviously forced Premier Simeon Saxe-Coburg-Gotha to personally engage with the implementation of the infrastructural project. On Tuesday (August 10) the PM called an urgent meeting between representatives of all institutions that are somehow connected with the undertaking - the Ministry of Regional Development and Public Works, the Sofia office of the Stability Pact for Southeastern Europe, and local governors. The participants in the meeting said that Bulgaria would observe the planned terms for building the facility and will keep its commitment to co-finance the project by almost EUR60MN, as well as the eventual increase of the price of construction work. According to forecasts, Danube Bridge 2 will cost between EUR220-230MN. Apart from the State budget, its construction will be financed by a EUR70MN credit from the European Investment Bank and the same amount will be granted under the EU's ISPA programme. The remaining money will come from the French Agency for Development and the German Credit Institution for Reconstruction.Virtual construction of Danube Bridge 2 will start by August 2005, said Sofia Kassidova, Deputy Minister of Regional Development and Public Works. Until then, however, tender procedures for the choice of a building designer should be completed, the land plots on Vidin's territory should be expropriated, and an application form for the grant under ISPA is to be sent. In fact, the first stage of the procedure for the choice of a building designer has been already completed. The tender was invited in May 2004 and 16 firms, specialized in the construction of bridges in Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Greece and Turkey, filed offers. Six of the candidates will be shortlisted in October and the winner will be known six months later. Expropriation of the estates around the building site and the adjacent infrastructure will begin in September after a Cabinet decision. BGN2MN has been earmarked for compensations to owners of land plots. The bridge on Bulgarian territory will be located on 96 dca of land, including nine real estates. Six of them are private property, spreading on 30.3 dca, and the other three are state-owned, Vidin's Governor Martin Donchev specified. Three licensed consulting companies have already prepared the tariff for evaluation the price of the land plots. Depending on the category the price will vary between BGN750-1,400/dca.

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