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The autumn technical fair scheduled to take place from September 29 to October 4 in Plovdiv is going to be the largest exhibition in Bulgaria for the past 15 years. A few days before the opening of its 59th edition, it became clear that 92,076 sq m had been rented. This is 80% of the whole exhibition area, explained Yordan Radev, Executive Director of the International Fair - Plovdiv. 2,573 exhibitors from 43 countries have applied for participation so far, according to unofficial information. They exceed by 200 the number of participants in the last year autumn fair. There are 14 official participants - Austria, Belgium, Great Britain, the German province of Rheinland-Pfaltz, Indonesia, Italy, Macedonia, Morocco, Poland, Hungary, Republic of Korea, Romania, the Czech Republic, and South Africa. Germany, Poland, and France will participate collectively. According to preliminary information, there will be 1,480 foreign companies, mostly from Germany (421), Italy (268), and the Czech Republic (109). There are also 1,093 Bulgarian exhibitors. They will all show their products in traditional halls specialised in fields like machine-building, transport and motor service equipment, electronics and electrical engineering, energy and ecology, information technologies, chemistry, etc.The 2003 Plovdiv Motor Hall will be organised by the Union of Car Importers in Bulgaria, Expo Team, and the Plovdiv International Fair during the autumn technical fair. Almost all companies importing world car brands in Bulgaria will exhibit there. Eight banks will participate in the autumn fair, too. Among them are United Bulgarian Bank, EXPRESSBANK, DSK Bank, and BULBANK. On a special discussion on October 3, they will announce new schemes for crediting small and medium-sized business.A new congress information centre in pavilion 8 will be constructed until the end of February, when the next big event in the fair village - the Wine exhibition, will start. The centre will offer 2,000 seats. BGN3MN will be invested in its construction and equipment.In the meantime, it became clear that Yordan Radev was appointed chairman of the newly-established Balkans Exhibition Union. The union was founded by fair organisers from Albania, Bulgaria, Romania, Serbia and Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, and Macedonia.

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