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The fate of Kozlodoui N-plant's units should be decided by Bulgarian people, and not by politicians, said Gerald W. Grandey,Chairman of the Board of the World Nuclear Association (WNA), President and CEO of Executive Officer of the Canadian Cameco Corporation, during his visit to our country, April 5-8. His visit in Kozlodoui was commissioned by the twelve organisations which are current members of the WNA. It was occasioned by their concern for the fate of the N-plant's modernized units 3 and 4 and for teh development of nuclear power industry in bulgaria. Mr. Grandey also outlined the necessary future steps from now on. The first step, according to him, is that the Bulgarian Government states its support for the power station and after that call a referendum for the future of its generators. The terms for decommissioning units 3 and 4 can be renegotiated with the European Commission even after closing down the Energy Chapter from the pre-accession negotiations with the European Union, the expert believes. But political will on the part of the Bulgarian Cabinet is necessary for that. The overall tendency in Central and Western Europe in recent years has not been to build new electricity generating capacities, but to close down existing ones. Therefore, there may be electricity shortage on the Old Continent after 2008, Kozlodui's Executive Director Yordan Kostadinov pointed out on his part.

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