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Three of the most discussed topics at the meeting of Minister of Economy Nikolai Vassilev with light industry firms were introduction of the minimum insurance thresholds, smuggled imports and public orders' assignment. While executive authorities insisted that Social Minister Lydia Shouleva's initiative would make employers pay fair wages and insurances to their workers, businessmen expressed the opinion that it would lead to mass reduction of workplaces and salaries. Deputy Prime Minister Nikolai Vassilev again invited the sector to consolidate in different branch organizations so as to become more competitive at both the domestic and the foreign markets. At this stage, however, this is impossible for the lack of law on branch organizations. This law has been prepared for four years now, but has still not entered the parliament for discussion. We are waiting for the opinion of the separate branch organizations, said Deputy Minister of Economy Nikola Yankov. Only an hour later his words were denied at the round table discussions organized by the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BCCI). Six months ago the draft law was returned for reconsideration to the Council of Ministers with the statements of all branch unions, chambers and associations, said Deputy Chairman of BCCI Georgi Chernev. BCCI and all the chambers offer to preserve the voluntary principle - craftsmen to be free to choose whether to register on the Law on Crafts or on the Commercial Law.

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