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Property insurance against first risk is the new product that Allianz Bulgaria launched to its individual customers at the beginning of November. The insurance covers damages suffered as a result from fire, natural disasters and other events that lead to property destruction or damage. Currently, the product has no market analogues in Bulgaria. The first risk condition is the one that makes it specific. It guarantees that losses due to the first insurance event in the insurance period are covered completely. Compared to the ordinary property insurances, this one offers a low premium amount and an extremely relieved policy signing method. It does not require description and assessment of the property, nor filling in a questionnaire. During the insurance period, the cover is also valid for newly-acquired property with no further notice to the insurer required.The insurance cover is offered in three variants among which the insured person is free to choose. The Major Cover clause includes standard risks: fire, thunder strokes, natural disasters, pipeline water, vehicle blows, and civil responsibility towards third parties resulting from an insurance event. The other clauses, Extended Cover and Maximum Cover, provide compensations for damages resulting from earthquakes, malicious actions by third parties, short circuits, or audio and visual or computer equipment burglary.The insurance premium is calculated according to the chosen clause and sticks to the lowest market levels. For example, in case of an insurance amount of BGN23,000, the Major Cover premium is as low as BGN21.

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