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The Ministry of Labour and Social Policy is preparing a new classifier of professions in Bulgaria, the Deputy Minister Roumen Simeonov said. The present list containing 556 positions and created in 1996 is obsolete and fails to reflect the changes on the labour market in the past years, experts in the Ministry explained. There are lots of modern professions that are not part of the list and that makes the work of labour agents more difficult. Professions which require low qualification are described in details, while positions requiring intellectual work are ignored, they added.Within a few months the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy is going to announce a competition for preparation of the classifier. The initiative will cost BGN95,000. The document will be prepared in co-operation with the National Statistics Institute, the National Social Security Institute, the Ministry of education, the Employment Agency, and the National Agency for Vocational Education and Training. As soon as it is modernized, employment in Bulgaria will be precisely structured and then adequate measures for stabilisation of the labour market will be taken, experts underlined.

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