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The Council of Electronic Media (CEM) is going to elect a new chairman next week. On February 28 its nine members will vote for the person who will guide them in the next year . According to the rules, the new chairman must be chosen with a qualified majority of at least six councillors. If no candidate gets enough support in three votes, the one who receives most votes the fourth time will be declared winner.According to sources from the council, there are two favourites - Raicho Raykov who chaired the council so far and Marko Semov who represents the President of the country. Mr. Raykov has been CEM Chairman since November 2002 when he replaced its first chairperson, Margarita Pesheva. He was re-elected to the post once. In his first mandate he became notorious for closing the Den cable channel because of a talk show hosted by the German Nick Stein. The TV managers appealed in court and won. After being re-elected last winter, Mr. Raykov waged war on the former Bulgarian National Television Director Kiril Gotsev and the Russian advertising group Video International. The Russians wanted to become exclusive representatives of the state-owned television. A week ago, the Supreme Administration Court declared Raykov the final winner in the case.The other applicant, Marko Semov, entered CEM in December 2003 when Bulgaria's President Georgi Parvanov ordered that he replace Georgi Lozanov - the councillor appointed by Mr. Parvanov's predecessor Petar Stoyanov.

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