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On April 15, the Council of Ministers approved some additional information about Bulgaria's stance on the Agriculture Chapter. The Chapter refers to the sectors Sugar, Tobacco, Milk and Dairy Products, and Mutton and Goat's Meat, the Minister of European Affairs Meglena Kouneva said at the end of the governmental meeting. The additional information on the Agriculture Chapter was submitted during the Intergovernmental Conference on Bulgaria's integration to the European Union on April 16. In the Milk and Dairy Products sector, the country has requested a five-year transition period for the oiliness of Bulgarian milk. Within this period, Bulgarian 2% oily milk will be treated as half-skim milk, and its 3% oily milk will be considered unskimmed. After 2012, whole milk must have 2% oiliness if Bulgarian producers want to sell it on the European market, Minister Kouneva explained.In the Sugar sector, Bulgaria is going to request reduction of third countries import duties. Bulgaria's quota for import into EU member states will not be changed, but the country is obliged to provide information about the factories it has and the level of its raw sugar processing.In the Tobacco sector, Bulgaria will request that tobacco producers from certain regions be given a lower limit to register their branch organisations.The structure of our agriculture makes us rely on the processing of goat's meat, Minister Kouneva added in connection with the Government's stance on the Mutton and Goat's Meat sector. Bulgaria is going to ask for relieves in the import of male animals so that it could develop the meat processing industry.

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