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Twenty per cent of the electorate are ready to vote for the Bulgarian Socialist Party (BSP) if elections are soon held, a November poll of the National Centre for Public Opinion Research (NCPOR) shows. The ruling National Movement Simeon II (NMSII) gets 12 per cent, the Movement for Rights and Freedoms (MRF) - 6 per cent, and the Union of Democratic Forces coalition (UDF-coalition) - 8 per cent. The question which political force is ready to govern was answered as follows: the BSP gathered 22% of the preferenecs, the UDF-coalition - 9.7 per cent, the MRF and the Union of Free Democrats got 3% each, and according to 14% of the polled the NMSII rules well. According to NCPOR's Director Lidiya Yordanova, these are the highest percentage points that the respective political formations could gather. The support for the NMSII comes mainly from people with high living standsrds, while the poor social strata are dissatisfied with the government. Nevertheless, the public is not disposed for pre-term elections. The percentage of the people, stating they won't vote, has remained unchanged - 49 per cent. Two thirds of them have shown a lasting lack of interest towards the elections and only one third could be mobilized to vote. The group of non-voters, according to Ms. Yordanova, is as a whole left-oriented, but the BSP stands no chances of attracting these votes.The poll has registered an increase of the rating of the former deputy premier and minister of regional development and public works Kostadin Paskalev after his resignation. However, his supporters are from BSP's adherents and not from those of the NMSII.NCPOR's head pointed out the existence of a social stratum which always supports the leaders in the polls. It consists of young, well-educated people of high living standards who support each ruling power, independently of its political orientation.

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