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The National Revenue Agency will move into the offices vacated by the Democracia daily's team. They are situated on the last two floors of the building at 52 Dondukov Blvd., which also houses the Chief Tax Directorate.Under the draft bill on the Agency's establishment which is to be finally voted in Parliament by November 8, the organisation will be a state-run institution (on the financial support of the budget) and will unite the functions of the Chief Tax Directorate (CTD) and of the National Insurance Institute (NII), responsible for collecting public receivables. This move will lead to the closure of CTD and of all NII's structures which are not dealing with payment of securities and other compensations. By December 31, 2003, the NII will have to prepare the separation of its specialized subdivisions, dealing with verification and collecting of insurance deposits, so as to be included in the regional divisions of the National Revenue Agency.The National Revenue Agency will be controlled by the Minister of Finance who will be Chairman of its Management Board. The Board will also include NII's head, the Director of the National Healthcare Insurance Fund, the Deputy Finance Minister, responsible for taxes, and the Executive Director of the future Agency. If the above mentioned draft bill is enforced in due time, then by December 31, 2003, the functions of an executive director will be taken by Nikolai Popov (presently Head of CTD) who will remain Chief Tax Director as well. After this date, the Agency's Executive Director will be appointed by the Council of Ministers on the proposal of the Finance Minister. All the candidates for this position and for the positions deputy directors of the National Revenue Agency should have Masters degrees and at least ten years of working experience in the field of economy, finance or social insurance. By December 31, 2003, the 80 employees of the Agency (planned according to the draft bill) are supposed to be dealing only with the working out adminsitrative procedures, aimed to synchronize the work of NII and the tax administration in the process of merging their functions. At the same time will be prepared the uniform information system and the organizational structure of the National Revenue Agency which full activity will be launched in January, 2004. In case the draft law passes the Parliament without problems, then the structure of the Agency will copy the one of the tax administration and will consist of a central managing department and regional offices. They will be of two kinds - incomes services where local taxes and fees should be paid, and regional incomes directorates where insurances and all other duties shall be collected.

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