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The Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry will release BGN850,000 from its budget as a subsidy for setting up a National Diary Board. BGN300,000 of that amount will go for its establishment, and the balance of BGN550,000 - in order to set up its regional structures in Sliven, Plovdiv, Kurdjali, Blagoevgrad, Vratsa, Pleven, Rousse and Dobrich. The establishment of the branch organisation which members will be producers, processors and traders in milk and dairy products, is one of the provisions of the Stock-farming Act, passed a year ago, and a commitment under the Agriculture chapter in Bulgaria's pre-accession negotiations with the European Union. The National Dairy Board will manage and control the origin, authenticity and quality of products and will take part in the distribution and control of production quotas. Therefore, its immediate aim is to set up a register of producers, of stations for collection of milk, of processing enterprises, of traders and authorized laboratories for evaluation of milk and dairy products. The board will have to ensure laboratory services to farmers in the sector, provide consulting services, and close group insurances. Concurrently, the National Dairy Board will work out a strategy for the development of milk production and trade in milk and dairy products. It will be also preparing annual analyses of the sector's state. Participation in the organisation will be voluntary. Its operation will be financed by target subsidies from the Agriculture State Fund, from donations, own proceeds, membership fees, etc.

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