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Everyone who is willing to see what estate a certain municipality has sold to whom and for how much will be able to get free information from the public registers that are to be established in every municipality. This is a decision made by the parliamentary Local Self-Administration Commission which adopted a bill to amend the Law on Municipal Property on September 8.According to art. 75 of the bill, a register of the given concessions must be created in all municipalities. In a six-month term, the Council of Ministers should establish the National Concession Register. It will be a public one and will be accessible through the INTERNET. Four other registers are to be created, too: a register of sites that are public municipal property, a register of real estates that are private municipal property, another one of municipal houses, and one of forests and agricultural land owned by the municipality. They will contain information about the main characteristics of the municipal sites, as well as the acts for their acquisition, management, and administration. The registers will also keep information about estates that were municipal property but were later expropriated, as well as about estates that have changed their purpose, the Parliament members wrote in the amendment. Besides, an archive will be opened to each register in order to keep copies of the municipal property administration acts.Moreover, an information system is to be created in order to provide detailed information about all municipal companies. It will inform about the activity, the capital, the structure, and the number of personnel of the respective municipal property.

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