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The employment services have begun accepting projects of employers who want to take part in next year's programme called From Social Assistance to Employment. The main aim of the programme is to ensure occupation to the jobless people who receive monthly social allowances, by raising their qualification and opening of new working positions.From the beginning of 2003 till end-September the programme involved 103,505 unemployed. More than 1,600 employers joined the programme within the same period, the Employment Agency reported. The agency expects to receive more than 1,200 new projects for 2004. More than 200 of them will be submitted by private firms, which will have greater opportunities to join the programme as of next year. In addition to socially useful activities, the people employed under the programme by private entrepreneurs will be able to work for the companies themselves. However, they won't be allowed to occupy working positions, connected with the company's subject of activity and participate in the formation of the enterprise's profit. The jobless people will be engaged in activities, improving the working environment in the firm. Among them are: repairs of the working premises, care about gardens, adapting of working places for disabled people, demolition of old and dangerous buildings on the company's territory, construction of noise and heat insulations, heating and ventilation installations, etc. These activities should be of a durable type. In that way the unemployed will be improving their own qualification. In 2004 the programme will also include training of jobless people as hospital attendants. During the first nine months of 2003 the people employed under the programme have reconstructed 397 schools, kindergartens and public buildings; pavements of more than 800 streets have been renewed and 186 playgrounds for children and sports facilities have been built. Spaces between blocks of flats that have been renewed total 518, 330 facilities for wheel-chairs and prams have been built. There are 32,441 m of new water and sewage facilities, and another 85,746 m have been reconstructed. The people employed under the programme attend to 290 buildings with the statute of cultural monuments. More than 51,000 dca of municipal land have been afforested. Over 1,800 dumps have been eliminated and some of the plots have already been recultivated.

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