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The Ministry of Internal Affairs needs almost BGL6MN to set up its informational system and buy the necessary computers for it, Deputy Minister of the Interior Boyko Kotsev said at the Law and Information Technologies conference, held this week. Mr. Kotsev added that about 40% of the funds will be necessary for training of administrative personnel the the Ministry, as only 10% of the staff, holding preliminary investigations, have the indispensable computer literacy.Representatives of the Government, legislature, and the Prosecutor's Office, discussed at the forum the ways for finding solutions to the problems, which the introduction of infromation technologes presents to punitive practice. The lack of finances is the main hindrance in front of the successful combat with computer crimes, the participants in the conference concluded. The amendments to the Penal Code, to be discussed by the National Assembly in the beginning of 2002, are expected to define legal offences when using INTERNET information. In its section on computer crimes the new Penal Code will use provisions of the Convention on Fighting Cyber-criminality, approved by the Council of Europe, Deputy Minister of Justice Mario Dimitrov said for the BANKER weekly. The Convention was signed on November 23, 2001 in Budapest by the European Union member countries, the USA, Canada, Japan, and South Africa.When discussing the amendments to the Penal Code, however, the MPs will also consider the draft of their colleague Mihail Mikov from the Coalition for Bulgaria parliamentary group, which also stipulates criminalization of IT crimes. The provisions, proposed by me, differ from the Convention of the Council of Europe, but they are based on the practice in this sphere in more than 30 countries. Many European countries, the USA, and Canada are among them, Mr. Mikov pointed out.The unified informational system for counteracting criminality, to connect the courts, the Prosecutor's Office, and the Investigation Service, is expected to be commissioned in 2002. It will be set up jointly by the National Statistics Institute, The Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Ministry of Justice, the National Investigation Service, and the Supreme Judicial Court. Bills, drafted by the Interior Ministry, on the protection of personal data and on qualified information, with which the new informational system should comply, have already been submitted to Parliament, Mr. Kotsev recalled.The Chairman of the Chamber of Examining Magistrates Roumen Georgiev said that the new system will very much help the improvement of the effectiveness of lawsuits. It will put an end to the evil practice of announcing untrue data about the disclosure of crimes (60% for example), having in mind that this indicator at Scotland yard is just 32%, Mr. Georgiev pointed out.

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