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Several months before the end of its mandate the Government of NMSII has almost discovered the warm water, admitting indirectly there is huge corruption among senior state officials. On Thursday (February 24) the Cabinet (in which replacements were made just the day before) approved supplements to the National Strategy for Combating Corruption. Strange as it might seem, a new section in the document will be included only after that decision. It will contain measures for intersecting unregulated payments, giving presents and equivocal dinners with businessmen of the Premier, his ministers, their deputies, and the members of political cabinets. According to the Chairman of the Commission for Coordination of Activities to Combat Corruption with the Council of Ministers - Kostantin Palikarski, the supplements to the strategy lay the beginning of the Government's programme for combating bribery. In his words, considerable success in intersecting the so-called administrative corruption was registered over the last three years. Now thе time has come for intersecting political corruption. However, he refused to comment if the PM Simeon Sax-Coburg-Gotha's recent present - a laptop by the the software giant Microsoft, or the dinner during the week of Deputy Finance Minister Iliya Lingorsky with Irish businessmen, could be considered as instances of corruption.Mr. Palikarski found it difficult to present a summarized information about the signals received at the governmental commission. But he specified that most of the signals were ridiculous and there was nothing to be done. Moreover, it should be born in mind that the commission does not have the rights of the prosecutor's office or the investigation service to inquire into specific cases, de added.

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