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During his visit in Canada the Bulgarian Energy Minister Milko Kovachev discussed the possibility for our country to use worked-out nuclear fuel for generation of electricity. The Bulgarian delegation visited the N-Plant Chalk River where the research base of the Canadian company AECL is located. They were presented a working training reactor of 120 megawatts power. AECL also shared its experience in China where for less than five years it had commissioned two Kandu reactors, each of them of 728 megawatts power.By using the worked-out fuel from two reactors of the Kozlodoui type, we can maintain one Kandu reactor of a new type, experts explain. AECL is working on projects for such reactors of power ranging between 350 and 1,150 megawatts. Apart from the new fuel technology, most of the additional systems of these reactors are connected with much increased safety.During his visit in Canada Minister Kovachev also discussed the option the new nuclear power plant in Belene to be supplied with exactly such reactor, despite its higher price in comparison with the conventional models. Its exploitation is expected to cost Bulgaria far less as it will also solve the problem of the caskets with worked-out fuel. For the time being the N-Plant of Kozlodoui is keeping them in Russia, but this is only a ten-year agreement.

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