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There will be numerious bankruptcies of farmers and new riots all over the country, representatives of the Independent Association of Milk Producers forecast. In mid-Febuary 2002 one of the biggest local cosumers of this input, Danon, decreased the purchase price of milk from BGN0.42/l to BGN0.37/l. The other big dairies will certainly do the same, Mincho Minchev, Executive Director of the association, said at a press conference. According to him, the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry should urgently introduce protective purchase prices of up to BGN0.35/l for the spring and summer season, Mr. Minchev pointed out. He claims that the subsidy of BGN0.03-0.04/l of good quality milk, released by the Agriculture State Fund, will be used by quite a limited number of milk producers due to the complicated scheme for getting the necessary documents.From April 1, 2002 till the year-end each farmer may take advantage of the granted premium for produced and sold milk upon presentation of a registration at the regional Agriculture and Forestry department and a certificate that he is not indebted to the National Insurance Institute, to a bank, or to the Agriculture Fund. On receival of the subsidy, the farmers should present invoices to prove the purchased quantity of milk and protocols from the State Veterinary and Sanitary Control Service for the quality. On March 14 the Agriculture Fund's Management Board approved the new regulations for releasing the state subsidies, which will total BGN2.3MN this year, Lolo Djambazov, Deputy Executive Director of the Agriculture Fund, explained.

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