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The number of state employees to be trained by experts of Microsoft Bulgaria within the framework of the agreements between Microsoft and the Bulgarian Government will exceed 30,000, Teodor Milev, Managing Director of the company's Bulgarian office announced. It's a fact that both in the whole world and in this country the state administration uses mostly Microsoft software, he boasted. Therefore, the Bulgarian Government's decision to license it fully complies with the international practice, Mr. Milev pointed out. The contract signed on February 13, 2002 enables the state administration to use the Bulgarian version of MS Windows and MS office XP. The contract is extremely advantageous for the state administration since the price includes an over 50% discount from the market price and the payments are rescheduled in three years. The contract has a strong anti-corruption effect and a positive influence on the international image of the country, Teodor Milev told journalists.Microsoft will set up a national network for servicing the computers of state institutions, thus creating new working positions for IT experts. Ten certified centres for training in Microsoft products are already operating in Bulgaria. There are also training centres in information technologies at five higher institutes.

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