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The Minister of Regional Development and Public Works Valentin Tserovsky will have to get off his state-owned Mercedes and drive around the country in his own car while canvassing for votes in the local elections. As head of NMSII's pre-election staff Mr. Tserovsky is directly committed to the election campaign of the ruling party and hence is not entitled to use the state-owned vehicle. This ban concerns as well all his colleagues, who will be willing to canvass for votes prior the elections. Only Dimiter Kalchev in his capacity of Minister of Administration is officially obliged to engage in the organization of the local elections. The Premier, all the other incumbent ministers, and the governors are not entitled to take part in the pre-election campaign. For that reason Mr. Tserovsky explained he would go on leave during that period. The Sofia Mayor Stefan Sofiansky will be also driving his own car in the capital city. The law obliges all incumbent mayors who are candidates for the next mandate to go on leave and compete with their competitors on an equal footing. The law stipulates also that each candidate for the position of Sofia mayor may spend up to BGN500,000 in the pre-election campaign, as far as he has where to get the money from. Competitors in the other big towns are entitled to spend up to BGN250,000, and up to BGN100,000 in smaller towns. Candidate-mayors for municipalities with population up to 60,000 are allowed to spend up to BGN50,000. The ceiling for the smallest municipalities with population up to 30,000 is BGN25,000. Candidates for municipal councillors everywhere will be able to dispose of BGN5,000 each. During the week the Central Electoral Commission for the Local Elections (CECLE) made a decision that each of the winners in elections for mayors and municipal councillors should declare the amount he has spent, as well as the sources of the money within a month after the election day. His competitors may appeal to the respective regional court in case he has sumbitted incorrect information. The State itself will spend about BGN11MN for the organization of the elections. A huge part of it will go for renumeration to the members of the electoral commissions. The Municipal Electoral Commission in Sofia will get the highest payment. Its head will get BGN550/month, his deputies - BGN530, and the members - BGN510. In 209 of all the 263 municipal commissions the respective remuneration will be BGN180, BGN160 and BGN140.The members of electoral sections will be paid a little over BGN20 for the election day and the same amount if there is secondary ballot.

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