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Michael Foley from Canada is the new executive director in the team of M-Tel, the Bulgarian mobile operator. Mr. Foley is not going to replace any of the current directors but will take charge of the marketing, sales and PR of the company. So far, we've been missing a person who takes care of the monitoring of the whole commercial activity, the press office of the operator commented. When Mr. Foley first appeared in front of the Bulgarian media, he said: This is a well managed company and I do not see any need of radical changes. However, one should not be happy with what he has already achieved. New ideas and standards will be needed and we have to react adequately.Before coming to Bulgaria, Michael Foley has occupied the same post in the Romanian Conex voice data Internet carrier. He studied Organisational Psychology at the McQuill University in Montreal. He is married and has two daughters.Asked about whether M-Tel will take part in a tender for a 3rd generation mobile communications licence, Michael Foley has no clear answer: Such a service is still too expensive for the consumers and we are going to analyse it. Moreover, I've been here for only three weeks now. But if it is good for us and for our customers, we'll do it.The presentation of the new director last week coincided with the start of M-Tel's new promotion. Throughout April, customers of the operator who have acquired a Prima pre-paid package or a SIM card with monthly subscription will also receive a copy of the last part of the popular series The Matrix: Revolutions. This will be the only legal way for everyone to buy the film on the Bulgarian market until May 2, 2004.

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