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The 90th filling station of LUKoil-Bulgaria was officially opened on Wednesday (June 11). The ceremony was attended by the bronze medallists from USA-1994 Borislav Mihailov and Nasko Sirakov, and the sports commentators Nikolai Kolev and Pavel Boshnakov. The new facility is located in the Sofia ring-road near the Dragalevtsi villa zone. This is the 13th petrol station of the chain, opened under the franchise progarmme, drafted by LUKoil-Bulgaria in end-1999. The programme allows owners of small filling stations to run a private business, and the oil company strengthens its positions on the Bulgarian market. The Sofia-based firm SM-7 will be the new local partner of LUKoil-Bulgaria.The new filling station is equipped with three state-of-the-art tanks for all brands of petrol and diesel, used in Europe, and a filling gas tank for vehicles. The fuels' quality is guaranteed by their direct delivery from the oil refinery of Bourgas. Within two months the number of LUKoil's petrol stations should increase to 100, and the company's large-scale investment programme projects that 150 filling stations should be operating by the year 2005. The Russian oil giant stepped onto the Bulgarian market in 1999, and LUKoil-Bulgaria very quickly established itself as a commercial company with huge economic and staff potential and international prestige. LUKoil-Bulgaria is a leader in the trade and distribution of high-quality fuels, polymers and petrol products not only in Bulgaria, but also in Southeastern Europe.

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