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Alleviation and elimination of some licence regimes will be discussed on April 10 when a meeting of the interdepartmental panel of experts with the Council of Ministers, chaired by Deputy Premier and Minister of Economy Nikolai Vassilev, will be held.Liberalization of licence regimes is a part of the measures for simplification of the administrative and regulatory medium for the small and medium-sized enterprises. It is among the priorities in the national strategy for the promotion and development of the sector, worked out by the Cabinet in end-March. There are seven priorities in the strategy, Iglika Stancheva, Chairperson of the Agency for Small and Medium-Sized Enetrprises (ASME), specified. Improvement of the financial environment is one of them. In this respect the ASME has proposed to the Ministry of Economy and the Ministry of Finance two options for structuring a national guarantee fund. The first one projects that the fund would be an independent juristic person, and the second - that it would be set up at an already existing bank institution. We have already filed to the Finance Ministry a budget order for the future national guarantee fund, amounting to BGN10MN as per the legal requirements, Ms. Stancheva explained.

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