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Bulgaria is one of the most successful destinations in Europe this year, the Bulgarian Association of Tourist Agencies (BATA) claims. The data about proceeds from leisure industry for the first nine months of 2003 confirm that, BATA sources added. According official statistics, from the beginning of the year till end-September the country was visited by 2,848,174 foreign vacationers, up 16.57% from the same period of last year, BATA specified. Net proceeds from international tourism for the first seven months of 2003 amounted to USD501.1MN, marking a 23.76% growth from the same period of 2002, Donka Sokolova, Chairperson of BATA's Management Board, pointed out. In the first nine months of 2003 a total of 2,532,677 Bulgarians travelled abroad, 5% up from the same period of last year. The highest increase as destinations of Bulgarian citizens' trips was marked by Turkey, Greece, Serbia and Montenegro.

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