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Leasing is a more flexible form of financing as compared to the bank credits. This opinion was shared by the Executive Director of Union Leasing EAD Todor Nikolov, Livailo Pavlov from Slatina-Bulgarplod, the Director of Industrial Development in the Bulgarian Industrial Association (BIA) Kamen Kolev, and BIA's Chief Secretary Peter Denev, during the press conference organized by BIA on March 24.Union Leasing EAD offers on leasing to small and medium-sized companies new and second-hand production equipment, transport vehicles, road construction equipment, new medical and stomatological apparata.Domestic companies should be re-equipped in compliance with European requirements. The more so that the standards for export will become internal standards for Bulgaria after 2007. Therefore, Union Leasing EAD will be encouraging the small and medium-sized enterprises, as they represent a considerable part of the companies operating on the loacl market.

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