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This week the representatives of the consulting company KPMG have completed the preliminary examination of the state of information systems at the Bulgarian National Bank (BNB). The team began work on the first stage of the project in July after KPMG won the tender, invited by the central bank, for building an overall information strategy of the institution over the next few years. During the second stage, to be compeleted by the year-end, KPMG's experts will also appraise the BISERA-3 system for instant payments and the work on the project for developing a system for gross settlement in real time, to be established by the US company Montran. KPMG will work out a strategy for the development of BNB's information systems and will point out the necessary changes in the system for managing the reserve and cash circulation, the bank's payment and software programmes. An important aspect of the new strategy, prepared by KPMG, is the improvement of the mechanism for assigning public procurement on the part of the BNB. Central bank representatives explained they hoped the consulting company would offer its experience for holding tenders under the Public Procurement Act, for information servicies and development of software products by outside contractors.After the frequent instances of cyber-terrorism over the last months, it is logical for BNB's management to pay more attention to the security of its finance systems. The central bank's management will significantly increase this year the money for its informational security. After completing its work on the project, KPMG's team will prepare a report titled Policies for BNB's Information Security.

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