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Kiril Milchev, MP from the already dissolved 39th National Assembly, is the new editor-in-chief of the Official Gazette, the BANKER weekly learned. On Monday (June 20) he officially entered into his duties, succeeding Ivan Gaidarski, the former head of the State's publication. Under the Official Gazette Act, the newspaper has a statute of a directorate with the National Assembly, and its editor-in-chief is appointed by a decision of the parliament's chairperson. Mr. Milchev is seventh on the pre-election ticket of the ruling party for the Plovdiv region and stands almost no chances to enter the next parliament. It's a fact that I'm seventh in NMSII's ticket for the Plovdiv region, but at present I intend to concentrate on my tasks in the paper, Mr. Milchev explained to the BANKER. The team of editors consists of skilled professionals, but during my first working week I found some delay in the entering of decisions from 2004, which should be made up for, he added. Kiril Milchev was born in Vakarel in October 1963. He is a writer and is the author of almost 20 novels. Over the last years he got interested in Hesychism. In the 39th National Assembly Mr. Milchev was a member of the Committee on Media and Creeds. About a year ago 61 deputies from the NMSII put forward his candidature for the position of Sofia ombudsman, but it was eventually rejected by the ruling group with the motive that he did not have any experience as a public defender. Parliament voted in favour of Ginyo Ganev, MP from Coalition got Bulgaria.

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