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The Bulgarian company Kalvacha, owned by Stoicho Kalvachev from Stara Zagora, is the first and only local firm holding licences and certificates for sale, assembly and servicing equipment for gas stations in Serbia and Macedonia. More than 30 private gas stations in Belgrade, Nis, Kraguevac, Skopje and Ohrid operate with Bulgarian equipment. Deliveries for 60 new gas stations in other towns have been negotiated as well.The company has been operating successfully on the territory of all Balkan countries. In the first eight months of 2002 it sold and assembled equipment for more than 80 gas stations in Romania. Stepping on its new markets in Macedonia and Serbia the company has begun to restructure its branches, setting up a holding company. The aim is to optimize its developing business in Southeastern Europe.Stoicho Kalvachev is perhaps the Bulgarian version of Rockefeller and the apple. The former drill worker made his first big money from water drills. Later on he took up the profit-making idea of setting up petrol filling facilities and became one of the top traders in the region. In Bulgarian conditions a business is profitable only while you are the first one in it and only if you succeed to gain a monopoly position, Mr. Kalvachev shares the recipe for his success.

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