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Jeroen Kremers, who was recently elected Executive Director of the Netherlands Constituency Group of the IMF, arrived on a three-day visit to Bulgaria, starting June 30, on the invitation of the Finance Minister Milen Velchev. During his stay Mr. Kremers met with President Georgi Parvanov, PM Simeon Saxe-Coburg-Gotha, BNB's Governor Svetoslav Gavrijski, and representatives of the parliamentary groups of major political forces. After his meeting with the Finance Minister Milen Velchev Mr. Kremers praised in front of journalists the Government for the sustainable macroeconomic stability in the country. Mr. Kremers explained he'd personally inspect the progress of reforms. The talks concerned mainly the state of Bulgaria's economy. The necessity of more action for overcoming poverty, for restructuring of the monopilies, and for better financing of health care and municipalities, was underlined. Mr. Kremers came to get acquainted with us, as we are partly his employers. There is nothing different in our relations with the IMF from before, Ivan Iskrov, Chairman of the Parliamentary Budget and Finance Commission said for the BANKER weekly. The Chairman of the National Assembly's Economic Commission Valeri Dimitrov added that talks about the financial and economic policy were held, and the two commission's work was discussed. Besides holding the post of Executive Director of the Netherlands Constituency Group of the IMF, Mr. Kremers is also Cash Management Director of the Dutch Finance Ministry and Director of Financial Markets. He also holds positions at the EC's Supreme Commission for Securities Supervision and in the EU Insurance Commission. Mr. Kremers is a lecturer in the Erasmus University of Rotterdam. The IMF Netherlands Group includes: Holland, Armenia, Bulgaria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Croatia, Cyprus, Georgia, Israel, Moldova, Romania and Ukraine.

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