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A new info system for management of the European Union (EU) ISPA Programme was launched by the Finance Ministry on July 1. The system has been developed in complete accordance with the regulations of the EU and provides opportunity for access to the entire information on the projects, Deputy Finance Minister Lyubomir Datsov announced on presenting it. Moreover, it guarantees transparency of the overall activity when implementing the projects. Another advantage of the new system is that it allows the Bulgarian administration to work jointly with that of the European Commission in Brussels in real time. The software is not unique of its kind, but it has been introduced for the first time in Bulgaria, Mr. Datsov added. The project is a Bulgarian initiative, worked out in very short terms, and its cost is only EUR73,200, Boryana Pencheva, Director of the Finance Ministry's EU Funds Management division, specified. The info system has two modules - a public one and a special one, intended for the representatives of administration. Its main advantage is that it saves time for processing documents for the individual projects. Thanks to it paper will be used only to confirm official documents. All of them will be filed in order to render transparent the responsibility of each official when lapses and mistakes in the documentation are found out. The idea is to give the public access to data regarding the implementation of ISPA projects from the moment of signing the memoranda for them. The system is to become an integral part of an overall system, for management of public finances. Currently, however, work on it is at an initial level, to be completed in 2006, Finance Ministry insiders promise. The public part of the info system could be accessed at https://ispa.minfin.bg

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