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All insurance companies will be included in the Vehicles Insurance info system, to be ready by the year-end. It will improve the exchange of information between them about the signed polices in the branch with a view to restricting insurance frauds. The common info system will be set up on the analogy of the unified credit register of banks, which is available for check ups to everybody. Unification of the Vehicles Insurance system and Road Traffic Control is also pending. Common database for insurance of vehicles is being prepared. On one hand, insurers will get access to information about drivers and their behaviour on the roads and drivers will be forced to sign the Civil Liability insurance. On the other hand, the road traffic police will get information about the real number of vehicles and their owners. The new project for an informational system in vehicles insurance, the participation of IT systems in the integration between bank and insurance services, the state of market, the application of new technologies in the insurance and pension insurance companies, were the issues of discussion at the fourth forum, titled Information Technologies in Insurance and Pension Insurance, held on March 10, 2004 at the Sheraton Sofia Hotel Balkan, organized by IDG-Bulgaria and the Association of Bulgarian Insurers.

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