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Employees in fifteen sectors of the economy pay the highest insurance instalments to the Labour Accident and Professional Disease Fund (1.1% of their remuneration) from the beginning of 2005. Seventy per cent of the instalment is to be paid by the employee and the remaining part is owed by the employing company.The 1.1% instalment is required from people employed in the construction, extractive and smeltering industry as well as in the waste recycling business. The smallest instalments (0.4%) are owed by workers in the field of computer technologies, education, real estates, retail trade, finance, and insurance. In the state governance, services, waste collection, and shoe-manufacturing sectors the instalments remain unchanged at 0.7 per cent. Workers and employers in the agriculture as well as in the food industry pay 0.9% of their remuneration. Those employed in the publishing and printing business pay 0.5% to the Labour Accident and Professional Disease Fund.By the end of 2004, all companies regardless of the labour conditions used to pay 0.7% to the fund. Now special methodology is used for calculation of the installments. Their differentiated amount is calculated on the basis of statistical information about the labour accidents and professional diseases reported in each particular sphere. When preparing the methodology, attention has also been paid to the expenses made by entrepreneurs for short and long-term compensations as well as to the frequency and severity of the labour accidents in the different companies. The number of insured people in the branches, the average insurance income, revenues to the National Social Security Institute (NSSI) resulting from the instalments made, the number of violations of the Law on Health and Safe Labour Conditions, the investments made have been taken into account, too.The total revenues to the NSSI Labour Accident and Professional Disease Fund from all sectors are expected to amount to BGN58.1MN. The expenses planned to cover compensations and treatment reach BGN37.8MN. According to the NSSI experts, the fund will end the current year with a surplus amounting to BGN17.4MN.

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