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The Ministry of Healthcare will distribute to hospitals in the country medical equipment worth EUR4.88MN, purchased by its own money and a loan from the World Bank, Healthcare Minister Slavcho Bogoev announced on Wednesday (November 17). However, the medical establishments will have to pay the equipment within 3 months to 3 years and no interest will be charged for that period. All hospitals in the country may participate in the distribution of equipment. For the purpose they have to file applications by December 15. A commission will consider if the respective medical establishment really needs the new equipment for which it has filed an application and whether it has qualified experts to work with it. The number of patients and the financial indicators for its state will play a decisive role. Hospitals with debts may also get equipment if they prove they could take that financial risk, Minister Bogoev specified. In his words, there will be no problem for private establishments to take part in the tender for the distribution of equipment if they have signed an agreement with the National Healthcare Insurance Fund. The initiative is a part of the Investment Programme for Improving the State of the Healthcare Sector, financed by a loan from the World Bank and money of the Healthcare Ministry. The equipment will be supplied in the end of January 2005. The second stage of the project will start afterwards. Then equipment for another EUR6MN will be purchased, specified Margaritta Mihailova, Director of the unit for management of the project for reforming the healthcare sector.

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