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The renovated and modernized Vitosha branch office of HEBROSBANK is again open for clients. On January 29, 2002 the credit institution's CEO Gautam Vir officially opened the office at 41, Tsar Boris III boulevard. The entire building is already in the hands of the Plovdiv-based bank, which was until now using premises on the second floor only. The branch office became a kind of a jumping-off place for the introduction of the financial institution's new info system, which replaced the three software programmes used so far. The new Banker 3 computer system is currently operating at the Vitosha branch office only. The software provides quicker services to clients and introduction of new products and services. HEBROSBANK's COO Stewart Jack explained to the BANKER weekly that the new system would be introduced in the other Sofia branch offices of the credit institution within 10 days, and in the bank's entire branch network around the country - within three months.Banker 3 has been developed by Infortegra and tested in two branch offices of HEBROSBANK - in Plovdiv and Assenovgrad. Thanks to the new programme the financial institution's clients can use all services, offered by the bank at one desk instead of going to different cashiers and officers. This is a part of the new corporative organization, aimed to separate the operations for servicing clients from the administration.We plan to centralize the entire administration in Sofia and Plovdiv within a year. This will significantly raise the efficiency of our operations, Mr. Jack said. He specified that the Banker 3 info system is in fact an intermediate one, as a foreign company would be chosen to establish an even more state-of-the-art western info system.

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