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The proposed amendments to the Act on Medicines and Pharmacies in the sphere of Human Medicine, will take out the pharmaceutical business from the grey economy, members of the Bulgarian Association of Pharmaceutists believe. Passions go high mostly regarding the demanded amendment to article 68. Only licensed pharmaceutists mith a master's degree are presently entitled to own drug stores. According to the lawyer Vassil Kovachev, this is a legal absurdity because it entitles a natural person, licensed by the state, to carry out retail trade.The amendment, which has won the support of the Finance Ministry, the Commission for the Protection of Competition, and the National Association of Municipal Pharmaceutical Companies, projects that only persons, registered under the Commercial Code, (notwithstanding if they are pharmaceutists with a master's degree) can be owners of drug stores. This provoked the discontent of many branch organisations of pharmaceutists.People should not be afaraid of non-professional services, because the establishments' management will remain in the hands it has been so far. This amendment will make possible entrance of more investments into the business, and from there - to increase competition which is to the consumers' benefit. According to recent studies, more that 20.75% of the local drug stores are not owned by pharmaceutists even now, while 8% have more than one drug store.

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