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Nearly 10,000 Green Card insurances have been sold since the Green Card national bureau started operations three months ago. According to experts, novices in the branch are most frequently selling short-term insurances used for holiday trips. Some of the big transport companies still prefer to be served by Bulstrad. The State Insurance Institute (DZI) ranks among the most efficient sellers of Green Cards who recently started offering the service. From the beginning of April until the middle of July the state-owned insurer has sold 3,073 Green Card insurances and has realized a premium income amounting to BGN800,000, announced the company managers. One reason for the success is the fact that yet in the start of the tourist season the company offered attractive insurance packages, mainly created for the holiday-makers. If a customer buys a Green Card, DZI offers him a 5 to 20% discount of the prices on a number of other insurances, as Avtokasko, Fire and other risks, Armed robbery and vandalism, Medical expenses during journies abroad and so on. Another extra service that attracts customers to DZI is the possibility to pay for their one-year Green Card in two or four installments. DZI also provides its clients with a chance to terminate the Green Card insurance in return to a deductions. Following DZI is Allianz Bulgaria insurance and reinsurance company. It has sold 1,774 cards for the past three months. Euroins ranks very close after it with 1,080 insurances sold and BGN383,000 premium income reported. About two months ago the company launched two service packages on the market - Euroins - Greentour and Euroins - Greentrans. The insurances are directed to transporters and individuals who travel abroad in the summer.Vitosha insurance company has sold 1,100 Green Card insurances from end-April to mid-July. Its premium income from this service amounts to BGN350,000, said the company managers. Closely behind are Orel insurance company (910 Green Cards sold) and Jupiter insurance company (450). The managers of Orel offered two complex products on the market too - Intertour and Intertrans, especially launched for the summer holidays.The difference in the amount of documents sold, despite the negotiated single lowest tariffs, is due to the fact that companies began to offer the service at a different time, experts comment. Bulstrad and just three other companies launched this service on April 1 - Allianz Bulgaria, Orel and DZI. Almost all of the rest began to offer the service in end-April.

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