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The Bulgarian office of Coca-Cola became a corporate client of GloBul. The contract with the top world producer of soft drinks is for two years and was closed on April 14, the mobile operator announced. It's a great pleasure for us to have Coca-Cola as a corporate client. At the same time this strengthens ours commitment and sets new challenges in front of us - to offer on the market services of still better and better quality and new technologies, GloBul's Commercial Director Atanasios Katsirubas commented. Company insiders specified that in 2003 the mobile operator's clients went up 115%, and the increased number of corporate customers has a significant contribution to that result. Meanwhile, GloBul and the Faculty of Communication Equipment and Technologies with the Technical University in Sofia launched a joint apprentice programme called SUMMER 2004. Third- and fourth-year students from the faculty will have the opportunity to attend the courses.

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