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Sofia-based Stroyinvest 2003 OOD won a tender with open bidding for the sale of 2,000 shares, representing 100% of the capital of Glavproject EOOD. The purchase price of BGN1,250,000 will be paid through a bank transfer on the accpunt of the Privatisation Agency (PA). Fifty per cent of it will be remitted on the day of signing the contract, and the balance - within 20 days.The subject of activity of Stroyinvest 2003 is: construction, real estate deals, internal and foreign trade, hotelier, tourist and advertising services. Its owners are Zdravko Matliev and Yavor Boyadjiev, who are better known by their company Maxi Centre AD. Glavproject is engaged in scientific research and designs. Another part of its activity is connected with public utilities, planting, engineering infrastructure, and mediation. The other participants in the tender were: Bulgarian Industrial and Trade Corporation AD, whose managers are Haralambi Anchev and Pirin Atanassov (respectively Chairman of the Supervisory Board and Executive Director of Bulgarian Holding Company), Effecten und Finantz-Bulgaria EAD, which purchased Alen Mak, as well as Tony Tsvetkov.The initial bidding price was BGN700,000. The deal is to be approved by the PA's Supervisory Board.

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