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Rossen Dimov, Plovdiv's Prosecutor of AppealRossen Dimov was born on April 19, 1957. In December 1981 he graduated in Law from the Faculty of Law at the St. Kliment Ohridsky Sofia Univesrsity and in 1983 he became a qualified jurist. From February 20, 1984 till February 14, 1991 Mr. Dimov was junior prosecutor and deputy regional prosecutor of Plovdiv. From February 14, 1991 till April 10, 1992 he was a judge in the Plovdiv Regional Court Martial, and from April 13, 1992 till March 16, 1998 he chaired the Plovdiv Regional Court. In March 1998 Mr. Dimov was appointed Chairman of the Plovdiv Court of Appeal, and as of January 24, 2004 he chairs the Association of Prosecutors in Bulgaria. Mr. Dimov, according to the poll of the National Centre for Public Opinion Research (NCPOR), every second Bulgarian disapproves of the work of the public prosecution and thinks it lacks transparency. How would you comment the results of that poll?- The confidence in the Prosecutor's Office as an institution cannot differ much from the trust in the other public institutions. Having a look at the research you will see that almost the same percentage of confidence is shared by the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Investigation Service and the court. The Prosecutor's Office is operating in a very difficult moment and has to make very important decisions. It is a part of a chain and its work cannot be appraised without seeing what the remaining participants in it - the police, the investigation service, and dozens of other public institutions which are outside of the judiciary and the Interior Ministry - have done. Quite frequently the public prosecution bears the responsibility for others' blunders, whose authors do not have the good grace to admit their own lapses and carry out PR campaigns for themselves alone. Unlike them, the Prosecutor's Office is loyal and ethical to the State and cannot venture to wage a PR campaign with the sole aim of attracting sympathy, moreover - at the expense of other institutions. But something else is interesting in NCPOR's poll. According to the results, 58% of the inquired people had no idea at all about the occupation of the Prosecutor's Office, but nevertheless did not like its work. This means they appraise that institution negatively because of their overall negative attitude to all state authorities.What do you mean? - For example, the Interior Ministry and its Press Centre and Public Relations Directorate possess everything necessary - time, premises, financial and human resources, while less than 2,000 people - prosecutors and officers - are employed in the public prosecution, our budget is hardly sufficient till the year-end, and we should better not talk about the buildings. In other words - we do not have sources for a professional PR.

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