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According to preliminary estimates of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, the export of Bulgarian greenhouse output in 2003 will increase by some 20% from last year. Cucumbers will top the export list. They have the best market price - between USD980-1,050/ton, depending on the quality. Export of tomatoes will go down due to the decrease in their output. A number of greenhouses in the region of Plovdiv, for example, have depreciated quite a lot, and as a result larger quantities of fuel are required for their heating. For the purpose of economizing greenhouse tomatoes are already planted later and respectively gathered later, in a period when there is already plenty of supply on the European markets. Thus, in the last four years Bulgaria lost some of its traditional markets. 2,510 tons of greenhouse tomatoes and cucumbers were exported in 2002, up 64% from 2001. 1,129 tons (49% of the total export) went to the EU countries. Germany is the No1 buyer of Bulgarian vegetables - 885 tons were exported to that country.

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