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Leaders of branch unions and non-profit organisations from Germany will hold a series of seminars in order to pass their experience on their Bulgarian colleagues. The seminars, organized by the coordination bureau of the Association for Technical Cooperation (GTZ) in Sofia, are part of its programme Promotion of Economy and Employment. Within nine months the company, together with its Bulgarian partners - the Bulgarian Industrial Association, the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and the Union of Employers in Bulgaria, will carry out a series of six undertakings, directed to the modernization of local branch organisations. The programme works jointly with Bulgarian firms, branch unions, institutions for assisting the economy and state institutions, for increasing the competitiveness of small and medium-sized enterprises, Hanko von Knobelsdorf, head of the coordination bureau of GTZ in Sofia, said. There is great necessity of consulting the branch organisations in Bulgaria, having in mind you country's future accession to the European Union, he added when presenting the progarmme in the German Embassy on September 25.Exchange of experience between Bulgarian and foriegn experts is projected. The issues include marketing of the services, offered by branch unions, the ways for lobbying in front of the European Union and for realizing contacts between the Bulgarian organizsations and their European colleagues. Two of the seminars will be held by end-2002, and the other four - in 2003. Participation will be pay-free and the first one has been scheduled for September 27. Two lecturers have been invited for the seminar, to be held at the Sofia Sheraton Hotel Balkan - Ulrich Oferk, honorary chairman of the German Association of the Trade Union for Public Relations, and Kalin Simeonov, Chairperson of the Management Board of the Branch Chamber of the Wood-Processing and Furniture Industry in Bulgaria. For three hours they will discuss issues, connceted with the management of non-governmental business organisations.

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