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A Bulgarian-German project for sanation of 3,000 prefab housing buildings in the town of Pernik will open 2,000 working positions for unemployed from the region. Partners in the project are the German Association for Assistance and Development of the Social Housing Policy, the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Municipality of Pernik. The project, to be financed by the EU pre-accession funds, will include complete sanation of the prefab buildings and replacement of the installations in them. This is expected to considerably raise the worth of such housings. The activities will be managed by German firms, but they have promised to employ mainly Bulgarian workers. Small and medium-sized Bulgarian-German enterprises will be set up to deal with transferrence of bulding technologies, training of workers, and fulfillment of various sub-activities. Among the expected results is the establishment of a service centre for enterprises in the local construction branch. Overall sanation of a prefab flat costs between BGN10,000 and BGN15,000. After specifying the number of flats liable to sanation, it will become clear how much financing will be demanded from the European Union.

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