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Aldi, another German grocery retailer, is going to step on the Bulgarian market in the beginning of next year, the Ministry of Economy announced. The chain is known as one of the cheapest and most accessible in terms of prices. Aldi does not build hypermarkets such as Metro and Billa, but chooses mid-sized commercial grounds and places its stores in blocks of flats or around them. If there should be an analogue to Aldi among the already operating chains in the country, they are the Bulgarian retailers Fantastico and Europe.Some of Aldi's suppliers will come to the country, too, sources familiar with the business of the German retailers claim. They already declared to be interested in acquiring Bulgarian meat processing companies and equipping them with new machines and equipment adequate to the European standards. The possibilities for opening specialized meat stores in Sofia and along the sea coast are being investigated, too. The biggest part of the raw material for the German meat processors will be coming from Germany and Denmark, because prices there are much lower than the Bulgarian ones. Typical German sausages as well as traditional Bulgarian meat delicacies will be offered in these stores.

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