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The parliamentary group of the UDF has officially demanded the resignation of the National Assembly's Chairman Ognyan Gerdjikov. In a special declaration, read by the UDF deputy Dimiter Abadjiev in Parliament, the UDF accused Prof. Gerdjikov of allowing falsification of the vote, by which the majority rejected on Thursday (February 27) with 125 votes the President's veto on the amendments to the Privatisation Act. The presence in the plenary hall categorically shows the falsification of the voting, the declaration reads. The document will be supported by additional motives and will be moved to the Parliament's secretariat next week. Among the reasons for the demanded resignation is the multiple violation of the Bulgarian Constitution, admitted by Prof. Gerdjikov. The Constitution explicitely says that the MPs may vote only personally. According to Mr. Abadjiev, the National Assembly Chairman has also violated the Parliament's Regulations by allowing voting with other persons cards.In an official declaration of Coalition for Bulgaria (dominated by the BSP) the parliamentary group's Chairman Sergei Stanishev points out that in violation of the Constitution and his rights Prof. Gerdjikov has so far returned by inadequate motives 49 questions of MPs to the Premier. According to the BSP leader, in that way Prof. Gerdjikov was protecting the PM from parliamentary control. In order to vote the required resignation of the National Assembly Chairman it should be supported by one third of the deputies. This means that at least 80 MPs have to sign the document. This number cannot be reached without the participation of the BSP, whose members will decide next week if they will support UDF's demand. On Wednesday (March 4) the leadership of Coalition for Bulgaria will meet Ognyan Gerdjikov and will put to him three questions: about the organisation of work in Parliament and the planning of its operation, about the voting with other deputies' cards, and about parliamentary control. Only after they hear Prof. Gerdjikov's reply, the BSP will decide if its MPs will sign the requirement for his resignation. In the Parliament's lobby the National Assembly Chairman rejected the opposition's accusations, saying as an excuse that he had many times attempted to cope with voting with other MPs' cards, but the deputies had sabotaged his efforts.

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