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A joint Bulgarian-Romanian project foresees Vidin's gas supply to pass through the Romanian town of Kalafat. After Romania completed the gas pipeline from Krajova to Kalafat, the fuel now passes only several kilometers from the Bulgarian town. Experts estimate that the placing of a pipe through the river Danube is much more profitable than the construction of a gas pipeline to be attached to the Northern halfring of our main gas pipeline. The closest point where such attachment can be made is near the Vratza village of Chiren which, however, is more than 70 km far from Vidin.Preliminary researches show that more than EUR5MN will be needed for the construction of the Bulgarian part of the detour from Kalafat to Vidin. Most of the money will be provided by the EU's preaccession funds. It's very probable the Serbian towns of Zajchar and Negotin to join in the operation as it will be more profitable for them to receive gas from the Romanian gas pipeline. The project has been officially presented to the Bulgarian and Romanian authorities and has been approved. It is part of the initiative Euroregion Danube 21st Century for the improvement of the living standard and for the development of the economic and social cooperation in the border region between Bulgaria, Romania and Serbia.

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