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4,662 NEW CARS SOLD IN JANUARY 1 - APRIL 30, 2003The official data of the Union of Car Importers in Bulgaria show that 4,662 new cars were sold from January 1 till April 30, 2003. If this tendency persists till the end of the year, the total number of sold new vehicles will be close to the 2002 figures, i.e. a little over 14,000. However, dealers of the official importers are optimistic and forecast an increase of new car sales, expecting their number to exceed 15,000. This will be the first more considerable increase of the new vehicles traded in the last five years.French cars, manufactured by the giant automobile concern PSA-Peugeot-Citroen, again top sales in Bulgaria. The market share of French cars shows the preferences of Bulgarian buyers, which have been evident since last year when Peugeot makes ranked first, followed by those of Citroen. In the first four months of 2003 the number of new Peugeot cars sold by Sofia Trans Auto reached 867, and the importer's market share reached 18.6 per cent. In end-March its sales were 620, and its market share - 17.92 per cent. The second and third position in the ranking was determined between Citroen (imported by Automotor Corporation) and Ford (imported by Moto Pfohe). Citroen's dealers succeeded to sell 118 new cars in April, while Ford's representatives registered 110 sales and remained third. The total sales of Automotor Corporation in the first four months of 2003 were 424, and those of Moto Pfohe totalled 410. The market share of the two importers were 9.09% and 8.79% respectively. There was a serious competition for the fourth and fifth place in the ranking. TM Auto - official importer of Toyota for Bulgaria - rated fourth with 393 new car sales by end-April, and the importer of Renault - ProMobil - remained fifth with 391 sales of new vehicles. The respective market share of the two companies was 8.43% and 8.39 per cent.

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