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The National Revenue Agency (NRA) will have an info system for EUR5.8MN in 2006. It will be set up by the French BULL, one of the biggest companies for the development of systems of the kind in the sphere of customs and tax administration. The contract between Nikolay Popov, CEO of NRA and ле Когик, който обясни, че нейни експерти са изградили аналогични информационни системи в 22 европейски страни. , General Manager of BULL for Romania, Bulgaria and Moldova, was signed on September 15 after the almost one-year long tender, in which 14 firms participated. The signing was attended also by the Vice President of the French company Daniel le Cogik, who explained that its experts have established analogical info systems in 22 European countries. Among them are Belgium, France, Denmark, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, the Netherlands, Sweden and Great Britain. The company had a turnover of EUR1.265BN in 2003 and a profit of EUR4.1MN. The Bulgarian project's price of EUR5.8MN includes delivery, adapting and introduction of software for the management of proceeds, which the National Revenue Agency collects from taxes, fees, social and healthcare insurances. Of course, that will not happen before 2006, after the institution undertakes the functions of the Chief Taxation Administration and of the National Insurance Institute, and begins to to function normally. Financing will be effected through some of the money, earmarked for the establishment of the National Revenue Agency - a total of USD63MN, ensured by a World Bank loan of EUR31MN and financing from the national budget. Under the contract, the system should be ready within 18 months, and USD12MN will be spent for it. This EUR5.8MN, however, does not include an obligation on the part of BULL to ensure the platform (servers) for the operation of software. So, a n additional render will be invited to choose a suuplier of the equipment. In the words of Nikolay Popov, the info system will create new opportunities for filing tax declarations through INTERNET, which will save taxpayers' time and reduce the expenses for maintenance of personnel. The finances spared so far will be directed to the improvement of the administration's controlling activity and will ensure more proceeds from fees. From then on, the tax-insurance burden of citizens and firms could be reduced. Andrey Petresku, on his part, explained that BULL was interested in the fulfilment of other projects in Bulgaria. Among them are the establishment of the info system of Border Control and of other establishments with the Finance Ministry. Mr. Petresku did not conceal that BULL would not refuse to develop systems in the bank sector as well.

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