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Although IT development still ranks among the Government's priorities, royal economists seem reluctant any time they have to take real actions in this direction. Finally, it turned out that the foreign high-tech experts in our country demonstrate greater concern for the Bulgarian computer sector. Last week offered another proof of this statement. At the meeting of the resident Bulgarian-Russian work group Information Society and Information and Communication Technologies were discussed opportunities for co-operation with Russian experts, as well as possible investments of Moscow in Bulgarian IT-oriented undertakings. More attention, however, should be paid to the initiative of the Bulgarian International Business Association (BIBA). The experts of the foreign companies working in Bulgaria have already prepared full strategy for IT development which will be offered to the Government. It was made in co-operation with the Bulgarian Association for Information Technologies, the Bulgarian Association of Software Companies and the European Institute for Software Development. The document will be officially presented early in November, but the BANKER weekly has already learnt some details. Four are the offered directions for development of the high-tech sector - more active state policy in the field of information technologies; improvement of the national infrastructure and increase of its resources; improvement of the existing market environment and imposing of clear foreign economic priorities in the IT sector.Presently the experts are working on the initiatives for co-operation of foreign investors with our state administration. They will offer improvement of the existing legislation, including enforcement of a law for electronic commerce, and establishment of favourable investment environment in the field of high technologies. As far as the improvement of the infrastructure and computer resources of our country are concerned, much attention is paid to the Electronic Government project which aims at synchronizing the work of all state departments and at connecting their information systems in one network.

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